It is our mission

to fill the nutrient gaps left behind by the modern diet by connecting real people to real food. 

From Our Founder

For as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with all things health and wellness. I’ve always been an active guy and became obsesed with my diet when I saw the correlation between the food I was eating and my overall performance. At 14 I started cooking all of my food myself - only making meals that I believed to be “healthy.”

I knew I had found my passion in health and fitness so I decided to make it my major in college. I study kineseology and nutrition and, ironically it was at this point in my life that I experienced a severe downturn in my general health and wellbeing.

I was in constant discomfort, I had little to no energy, and I coudn’t understand what was happening because I thought I was doing everything “right.”

It was a defining time and a true turning point that set me on a path to discover where real, sustainable health comes from. So I hit the books and found that our genes, the basic building blocks of our bodies, require traditional food to operate properly.

Re-Defining "Healthy"

Our world today is full of obesity, disease, and illness. And the only solution we’re offerd is a life-time ticket aboard the "medical merry-go-round" - which is to chase symptoms with pharmaceutical bandaids. 

I began to wonder how it can be that with all of out advancements, people today are seeming less healthy than many of our ancestors. Through my research, it became obvious to me that one of the biggest causes of this phenomenon is that we simply don't consume foods the way they did.

My New Normal

The moment I started consuming the foods of our ancestors, I began to feel I had better than I had in my entire life. The discomfort went away, the energy came back, and my strength surged. I felt amazing.

I had finally filled the gap that had been missing in my diet. It wasn't complicated, and it didn't come from a pharmacy or a shaker cup. It came from one of the richest sources of nutrients found on earth - organ meats from pasture-raised animals.

My whole family now eats all the essentials of a "Nose to Tail" diet, and we enjoy the unlimited health benefits healthy grass-fed animals provide.

Real Food for Real People

Higher Healths

We are passionate about restoring the natural order, and helping people rediscover one of nature’s greatist gifts. We believe that by embracing our dietary roots, we can dramatically increase our health and happiness, while also promoting sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment.