Customer Testimonials

Here's what our customers have to say about our Beef Organs!!

 I have been taking this for approximately 1 week now.  My original intent was mainly to boost my iron levels as I had recently been diagnosed as iron deficient.  I have not taken iron supplements in the past.  I had hoped it would help increase my energy and strength, as well as fill in some of the nutritional gaps in my diet.  I was not expecting it to aid in my insomnia, which I have had for several years now.  I spoke to Nigel about this and he mentioned that it might be possible it could help.  After two days on the product, I had the first natural good night's sleep in several years.  I was hopeful that this might be the answer that I've been searching for since this insomnia started.  It has now been 6 days and I have slept deeply and for a good duration every night.  It is truly amazing the difference I feel from this.  My energy, attitude, strength and mental clarity are so much higher than before.  I don't need to take any meds to sleep.  It wasn't an expectation that it would cure my insomnia, but I'm beyond thrilled with the results!  This is the first supplement I have ever endorsed, and do so enthusiastically.

Tony Brundin-Personal Trainer (B.SC Kinesiology)

I started taking this product a few months ago.  I have definitely noticed an improvement in my hair, skin, nails and energy.  Also, my most recent 
periodontal appointment was a resounding success, as they remarked that I have shown improvement in my gums.  I'd highly recommend this product to anyone!
Nadia Brundin
 Don't start with low quality products- Start higher with Higher Healths! In such a short time, I've seen improvements in my health already! I'm resting better, my skin is cleared, and the fatigue/brain fog combination of menopause is lifting. I'm a not well controlled diabetic, and I am definitely seeing a change for the better in my sugars!! The change is truly incredible. And simply knowing that my liver and pancreas are being supported by quality supplements are critical to reversing this deadly and progressive disease. I'm so grateful to have Higher Healths support!