Let us help you make sense of your health problems. We seek to understand the body, it's functions, and malfunctions. Addressing components of sleep, exercise, nutrition, supplementation, and easing stress  at  the basis of all protocols, will allow us to improve your health. Understanding of each of these for you, help us simplify the path to a new and improved you. 


Unfortunately poor sleep affects many people these days. With so much stimulation and interruptions in our diets and activities we can find it hard to get a good nights sleep. Sleep is our number on asset with regards to healing and restoring health. 


Moving your body and getting plenty of exercise is crucial to great health. However, with certain levels of stress and health complications you may want to find out if exercise is right for you. Typically very poor health would guide us to cautiously approach exercise, and systematically introducing it, or introducing the correct exercise. The majority of people are not getting enough quality exercise. Exercise is the best way to have a great relationship with your body, you can communicate better when you deliver what it truly wants. 


Dialing in your nutrition is absolutely essential to great health. Simple changes to your diet can change everything. Eat foods that are right for you and give you energy rather than deplete your energy. Eating the right foods for you will allow your body to heal faster, burn fat efficiently, and provide you with the energy you need to thrive all day long. 



Supplementing properly can provide you with the support you need to look and feel great. With much of the quality lost in our foods supplementation is necessary for all seeking to have optimal health. Find out what supplementation is right for you, and save your money by eliminating supplements that are gimmicky and of poor quality. Responsible, educated supplementation will help you feel the effects of what a well supported diet can offer you. If you have ever wondered why you don't quite feel the difference taking supplements, that's a pretty good sign you are taking the wrong ones. Get with the right program, and elevate your health. 

Easing Stress


Stress management in today's world is crucial. Learn to manage stress in your life. At higher healths we focus on removing stressors in life, and give your body less to handle while we restore and build back great health. It's amazing how you can feel when you let your body express itself properly, we give it that opportunity by making S.E.N.S.E of the whole process.