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Welcome, and thank you for listening to episode number 1 of the higher healths podcast! I am your host Nigel O’Quinn.

With this being the very first episode I just want to take a little time right up front and share a bit about what this podcast is, who I am, and why I’m doing this podcast!

The higher healths podcast is all about health, business, lifestyle, and all other things that will add value to our lives.

I am someone that likes to take health into my own hands, be proactive, and do my absolute best to live the highest quality life I can. I am a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Practitioner who takes pride in looking at underlying factors to restore health through Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction, AND Supplementation. 


I’ve enjoyed 20 years now in the health and wellness industry, and the most beautiful thing about my journey so far, is that I have met some really incredible, smart, talented, passionate people looking to achieve their best, and I want to interview them so that they can share their knowledge, and we can make our lives the greatest possible. So if its health, business, lifestyle, It starts right now with episode one of the higher healths podcast, but, it’s going to take some energy! Which leads us to a topic I’m dealing with commonly when restoring someone's health, vitality, and of course energy, the Adrenal Glands, This sweet organ lands our very first topic!.  So, let’s jump right into this vital organ to find out how you can start to have more energy, better hormones, and overall, improve your health!


Adrenal glands are responsible for incredibly essential hormones in the body and are located right on top of your kidneys. Our bodies work holistically when an organ has diminished function, the other organs are aware and Compensate to pick up some of the slack. So with taxed and stressed out adrenal glands we find that our bodies cannot provide us with the energy necessary throughout the day, and this affects us in so many ways.

The adrenal glands secrete many different hormones; it’s where we get Cortisol, better known as the stress hormone. But, we also get aldosterone, androgens, adrenaline, and noradrenaline, all hormones you want working well so that you are functioning well. In today’s society we are pushing the limits on our stress and so were supplementing with energy drinks, coffee, pre-workout supplements, and all sorts of pills to cope with this stress. 


Let’s explain Adrenal Function. With any stress that occurs in our body, whether environmental or physical, your body will secrete cortisol in response to that stress. Here’s how it works, and don't worry about remembering this slightly more technical stuff, just like your car you don't need to know how the engine works to drive it. Your Hypothalamus located in your brain is about the size of an almond that relays sensory information, secretes Corticotropic Releasing Hormone which then signals our Pituitary Gland to secrete Adrenocorticotropic releasing hormone, which then travels to our Adrenal glands causing the release of Cortisol. Our body’s ability to do this for us becomes diminished when too many stressors are present in our lives, or we start corrupting the natural balance of this process by continually adding stimulants that fast-track access to produce cortisol release. As a result, our body naturally loses the ability to continuously provide us with high amounts of cortisol and then stops being able to altogether, this process is called adrenal fatigue. Why does this matter? Well, If you are currently relying on stimulants like coffee or energy drinks for energy, you are likely in some stage of adrenal fatigue, and your body’s ability to produce cortisol and other hormones is no longer optimal.

In a perfect world, Cortisol runs nice and high in the morning; this is when your body will have its highest amount available to hopefully get you up and moving. If you feel like you got hit by a truck when you wake up and are consistently sluggish in the morning this could be a sign of perhaps some low morning cortisol. The ranges should dip down as the day goes on, but again, if you are that typical individual that seems to need a nap or some caffeine to make it through the afternoon, that’s the body not working right. In the evening the cortisol levels should be nice and low so that melatonin production can begin and some quality sleep can be had. Too low, or too high can now actually indicate some gut malfunction, adrenal fatigue, maybe some parasites, or other issues altogether. If you are experiencing symptoms of lower than normal energy levels, bad sleep or maybe some digestive issues or food sensitivities you should consider getting yourself tested to measure the levels of cortisol your body is producing. Reducing stressors in your lifestyle would do you wonders.  


At the rate we are consuming energy drinks, coffee, energy gum, energy gummies, energy infused chocolate !  I’m probably missing a few more products in there, but the point is we are consuming these things like crazy, and our Adrenals are taking a back seat because they are maxed out. When we put these foreign substances in our bodies, the liver has to attempt figuring out what to do with all these toxins and where to put it. Our adrenal glands produce Cortisol to deal with any stresses we might have in our day to day lives, throwing these destructive energy products in doesn’t allow regular immune function, and they mess with our steroid hormone balance as well.

 Too much of this and the gentleman may find erectile dysfunction creeping in and a sad loss of testosterone, so yes, red bull sure does give you wings, and if used too long it will fly away with your boner. To all of my lady listeners out there, spread the news to your guy, and let him know, “I found this totally amazing podcast that’s going to get your boner back! You have to subscribe now!” And to all of my male listeners, put the energy drinks down, and say hello to your morning wood again. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good coffee, I am not bashing coffee here! However, I would hate to have to rely on my coffee for energy; I like waking up in the morning, feeling completely refreshed and energized to go because of my bodies own natural ability to do so. 

Now energy drinks on the other hand! that is some serious garbage! Why on earth would you want to put such a crazy toxin in your body AND willingly hurt your liver and kidneys, all for a boost of energy? You disable the body’s ability to burn fat, for those of you trying to lose weight. Even the sugar-free ones, by the way, can have even more ingredients that anger your body with its efforts to detoxify. 

Stop hindering your body’s great natural ability to grow lean muscle, burn fat, and provide you with all the balanced hormone function you need.   

The earlier you take action on reducing stress from your lifestyle the better, start by covering the necessary things first, and those are:

Try and Get to bed on time, preferably 10:30 pm or earlier


Clean up your diet 

Limit the amount of coffee you are consuming down to one or two cups a day and drink more water


Quit relying on drugs to provide you with energy. Instead, get your body back to producing natural energy and your days of crashing at 2 pm will be over. Or stay on your current path of crushing two red bulls a day, forcing yourself to get out of bed, while putting on love handles, and realizing that your erectile dysfunction is a rising problem. 

I hope you see the benefits of taking care of yourself today so that you aren’t crashing tomorrow. Feeling and being healthy is so much better than the alternative!  Realize your real potential and make the adjustments I mentioned.

That's it! That's episode one of the higher healths podcast; I thank you so much for listening in, I appreciate you, make sure to subscribe to the podcast. Leave a review on the show; I would absolutely love that, feedback is welcome.

Take care, talk to you all soon.



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