About Nigel O'Quinn


higher health's was founded by Nigel O'Quinn. Nigel is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Practitioner, and entrepreneur. 


After helping people with health and wellness from a fitness perspective for 19 years, he's refocused with his attention to detail, and finding underlying causes of poor health.   


You'll find that his approach to your best health is simple, effective, and unneurotic. He applies testing, rather than guessing to detail your needs and re-define normal in your life.



More specifically, he's interested in the real cause to your health complaints, not the smoke and mirrors effect of symptoms. He completes his mission with e-books, public speaking, and in person or distance consultations with clients.

Higher Healths- "We Restore health, build strength, and find the the best in all without compromise"

Our specialty is restoring health. From young to old, high level athlete looking for the extra edge, to any individual looking for their best. With flexibility, hard work, dedication, and proper instruction you can achieve a level of fitness and health you deserve.

We look at the individual, we make no promises of overnight success, and always focus on root causal level for restoration. We filter the claims and promises of many health companies taking the shortcuts, so that you can have accurate, real, and effective advice for your life.