What can and should we learn from the animals when it comes to food?

Are you aware that wolves have a distinct pecking order/hierarchy? Have you ever asked why? Why they choose specific parts of their kill to eat over others? I did and wanted to know more. No one would deny the incredible history of wolves, their intelligence, how they’ve evolved, their hunting finesse, and the ability to keep an environment in check. We can learn from the primal instincts of intelligent animals and why they do what they do, especially when it comes to food. It is something we can and should even emulate, especially since humans have drifted so far off course with regards to our nutrition. We’ve lost sight of what is even healthy or not. We have companies like Nestle, General Mills, and Monsanto putting green check marks on labeling. We have diabetes spiraling out of control. 1 in 5 children in the U.S is obese, and we have Doritos potato chips that now taste like hamburgers. We lack many nutrients in our diets, and we look and feel it. I digress. Back to the wolves… let’s gather some intel from our Canis Lupus friends since they, unlike humans, have not strayed away from their natural diet, found in exactly what their ancestors ate.

Through the mastery of natural selection, wild animals have evolved by adapting to changing habitats, hunting and foraging, and avoiding predators. Much of this survival is based on instinct that has been genetically encoded for thousands of generations and passed on to the strongest, fastest, and smartest offspring. The evolution of wild animals never stops, as they constantly work to adapt to changing environments. For this reason, there is much to learn from observing animals in their natural habitat.


Observing the wolf for this example is perfect. Wolves are notorious for the unique order in which they consume their prey. Shortly after the kill, a wolf will tear open the animal's abdominal cavity and consume the organs. The "prized meat," which is consumed first, includes the liver, heart, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, and other vital organs. Unlike modern-day hunters and most human carnivores, wolves will leave the lean whole muscle meat for scavenger animals to consume. In particular, the liver, heart, and visceral fats were cherished as the most sacred. The lean meats (prized by modern humans now) were fed to dogs or left for other scavengers.


After a kill is made, the Alpha wolf will always eat first. The muscle and flesh is the last part of the prey that is eaten, in contrast with human preference now. I, like most people, am entirely guilty of this as well; I've always preferred a nice steak over the BBQ as opposed to the organ meats. However, it's a lesson like this from the wolves that remind us of the importance of making sure we also treat the organs as prized meats for our own health.


In the book “Deep Nutrition” by Dr. Cate Shanaghan, she brings up Geronimo for his facial structure. She says, “If Geronimo looks like he would have been a hard man, that’s because he was.”

He is well known for his bravery, viciousness, and as a protector of his family. The reason he had such great bone structure was not that it was built on “Impossible Burgers” or “Beyond Meat” pea protein products processed from China, it was because they hunted buffalo, deer, antelope, and small game. They were also not in the habit of wasting the quality organ meats either.


We’ve chosen to discard and reject the most nutrient-dense foods in the world, which is costing us our health. We’ve become diseased, sick, overweight, and depleted with mental health issues like never before. Our ancestors didn’t know what any of this is, because they ate foods that gave health instead. 


Time to reconnect with our Primal Beings, and join the wolves in their knowledge.


I know that eating organ meat can be a challenge, and I also know that sourcing healthy organ meat can be as well. If you, like many, don’t enjoy the taste, smell, or texture, but would still appreciate a convenient way to quickly get the most nutrient-dense food back into your diet regularly and drastically boost your health, join us here. You’ll be in the good company of the many others that are bringing back the health their ancestors had with our 100% Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished sourced supplements.


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